An i the one whos wrong?


So, one of my friends that I've known since I was 10 and I reconnected after 2 years of no communication. She's always been kind of a bad influence and irresponsible.. She has a son and isn't even really involved because she can't keep a job and all the money she makes she uses on Molly and acid and to go to the club and casino and things that a mother with a two year old child should not do when shes about the partying life.. She asks me for favors all the bring her places that's out of my way and do things for her like lend her money, buy her cigarettes and she says "oh dont worry dude ill get you back.." Or "oh i dont have money for gas right now but youll get it next time..", then i never see it. I feel like it's gotten to the point where she's just using me. I denied to bring her to work today because I had a lot of running around to do appointments to go to and places to go for my OWN life, and she needed to be at work and I told her I could not bring her and im really sorry but if i had money for gas it would be different because I can't keep bringing her places expecting nothing out of it.. I told her that she needs to act more her age and start saving some money from her paycheck to give me for gas or other people to bring her places instead of expecting me to just do it for free all the time,since I have bills to pay and my car needs gas to run. She started going off on me and telling me to go fuck myself and saying I'm a fucking bitch and a shity friend because I only care about myself and always expect something in return instead of just helping her out as a friend ,but I explained to her it's not like that.. I've helped her out too many times for free and I just can't keep doing it and wasting gas on her and time on her for nothing when it's just not benefiting me and she never pays me back like she says she will.. She told me to leave her alone and never talk to her again because im a POS for wanting gas money to bring her places and telling her she owes me money. Im trying to just help her get her shit together and she doesn't understand.. What do i do now??