34 weeks 5 days in labor and delivery


Yesterday was having contractions about 5 mins apart since I woke up I had an appointment at my high risk obgyn and in the waiting room waited about 1 hour and 30 min and they became 3 mins apart I was sent to hospital n stayed the night I’ve had one steroid shot for baby girls lungs waiting for the second one.. contractions slowed down last night got some rest but now seem to of picked back up really worried about out game plan doctor hasn’t been back in yet but dilated at a tight one to now a loose 1 not much change ... any words of encouragement n good vibes much needed ladies

Thank you -


Day three in labor and delivery my contractions eased off yesterday but started back today my blood suger has been stable and if still good at lunch I’m going to get to go home... I am still contracting but I’m having no cervical change so I’m instructed to go home rest as much as possible and try to keep her in as long as I can but if my water brakes and or have bloody show to come on back

I love my doctor and so thankful for such wonderful careing nurses I’ve been worried to death but they’ve made this experience so calm and kept me so informed and even had some visitors from two therapy dogs since I was missing mine at home so bad definitely made my day thank you guys for your support!