What would you say/do?

I have a friend. Basically she was with this guy for 7 yrs. he paid most of the bills, worked two jobs. She worked a minimum wage job, only one at a time. Would often complain and quit suddenly, with out finding a new job first. She got a cat and a dog during their relationship. Well they eventually broke up. She has two animals and a minimum of age job and was staying with a friend of hers, paying what she could for rent (like $50) a month. They eventually got fed up and told her to get out. She had been talking to a guy for a little while, and him and his family allowed her to move in with them and bring the two animals. A week later her dog gets sick, she takes it to the vet $500+ bill later, which the guy and his family payed for, she finds out the dog has cancer. So she starts a fb page and go fund me for 6,000 dollars to start treatment for her dog.

Well I get a message this morning, about how she is pissed people won't donate, including myself. She goes on saying these people "waste" money on trips and expensive clothes and shoes but won't donate to her cause....

I let her know straight up, people have their own issues and bill, they work hard for their money and can do as they please with it. I love animals, but I have a kid and another on the way, I'm not going to just give my hard earned money away that could better the life of my children.

Personally if I was in her situation, with no money, no stable home, a low income job, I would put my dog down peacefully, sure it would be hard af, but come on now, priorities we are almost 30!!!