Our Rainbow Baby

🌹Rose🌈🎶 • FTM since 12/23/18 <3

I want to share my story hoping this will help someone else

My husband and I got married Sept 2017 and had always said we'd try for kids after the wedding. After several short painful cycles I had a feeling something was off. I asked my family doctor to check my thyroid. He said it was fine and to come back after we'd been trying for a year. I got a new family doctor.

My thyroid was off just enough that getting pregnant would be near impossible without medication. Something my birth control had been masking for over a decade. It was likely I had a chemical pregnancy every cycle and was none the wiser. My new doctor started me on medication as I was ovulating. I got pregnant that cycle but miscarried at 6 weeks.

The emotional recovery was harder than the physical. But after a couple months of thyroid medication my husband and I decided to try again even though there was the risk with still balancing my meds that I may miscarry again. At least this time we were wiser and knew what we were getting into. I got pregnant again first try.

My pregnancy was pretty typical aside from what got classed as white coat hypertension. Come third trimester my blood pressure would spike just with a simple conversation about work. My midwife made the call at 34 weeks I shouldn't be working at all.

Come 37+2 my husband's grandfather, who he was very close with, passed away. We spent the day with his family but by that evening I was throwing up hourly. By midnight we decided to go to the hospital.

By the time we got to the hospital baby's heart rate was over 200 bpm and neither of us were responding to fluids. Almost exactly 24 hours after Papa passed our daughter was born via urgent cesarean. By the time we got to the OR only 20% of my placenta was attached and there was blood in rhe amniotic fluid. The OB made a point of coming to see us after and tell us just how lucky we were. Another hour and either myself, my daughter, or both of us wouldn't have made it out of the OR. Most of the family feels pretty strongly that Papa had a hand in keeping us safe. It has kept the late nights in perspective.

You are loved. You are strong. You've got this no matter what.