So yesterday I went out with a great friend of mine. I’m currently in a relationship and well he’s working out his own thing.

Anyways we go out, one because it’s been a while and because he needed relationship advice.

We go out to a nearby cafe then to eat some pizza and finally we went to a hotel museum. All this while we were talking about his girl and stuff. There’s a small passage in the museum that it’s really narrow and dark we go in there because it was apparently his favorite of all the spots in the museum.

While we were half way through the passage he turns around and kisses me...I don’t know what to do and for some reason I sort of kissed back. It was like a 5 second kiss and I pulled away and kept walking to the end of the passage.

He apologized and I said “it’s ok” I guess one of the reasons was because I don’t want something like this mess up our friendship and I don’t want to make him feel bad. He’s going through a tough time and I guess he just wasn’t thinking.

I understand it’s whatever it’s not like I liked it or anything. But the problem is that I have a boyfriend and I feel a heavy weight on me because I want to tell him ( we tell each other everything) but I’m scared my boyfriend won’t take it as lightly as I did and that he will do something about it.

What do you guys think? Should I tell him?