I’m falling apart

How do I tell my bestfriend I can’t be her friend anymore because it hurts. She is my ex’s sister and it’s been hard on me because he said he didn’t want to lose me and wanted to be “friends” but Ik he doesn’t want to. (He broke up w me) and it’s been hard because she’s so distant and I’m deep down she doesn’t want to tell me cause she doesn’t want to hurt me but the way she acts it doesn’t feel like she’s a friend anymore.

It’s been really hard because I can’t talk to her about wht I am going thru and I will always be there for her cause I’m not tht type of person that if u aren’t in my life and something happens that I won’t be there for u. But it’s really hard being her friend while I have to get over my ex.

So idk how to tell her I can’t be friends w her anymore or just wait it out and let time take control of it and let her leave on her own.

This breakup has been really tough on me because I still love him but I can tell his feelings have changed. And I hate that he says tht maybe in a few years when everything is better we will cross path and get together. But then tells me his feelings have changed. I really just need someone to talk to.