Does it ever end

lisa • Mom of 1 girl👧, 3 boys👦🧒🧒 and one in heaven 👼 and now due march 2020 🤰with TWINS!!! #nosanityleft

If you have followed me at all you know over christmas i had a miscarriage or so i thought i passed the baby, well went in for ultrasound on monday (yesterday) because my numbers from dec 15 to dec 28th where still going up so doc wanted to make sure it wasnt an ectopic.. well blood work uesterday showed my numbers finally going down and ultrasound found the baby in my lower uterus and that it stopped growing at 6 weeks. I would be 9 weeks and 1 day today. So now i have to wait for my body to pass the baby when i thought i already had 😭😭im trying so hard to heal from all of this and it just isnt stopping anytime soon.