Yeast infection help!?


Hello moms. i am currently 29 weeks & 6 days pregnant. I have just been told at my dr appt yesterday that I have a yeast infection. They gave me the 7 day treatment pack thingy and a one time pill just in case the 7 day treatment one didn’t work. Well i’ve tried almost 20 minutes straight to insert the Monistat and it started to hurt me and kept rejecting out of me (wouldn’t even stay in) & so I couldn’t do it anymore & ended up taking the pill. My question is...

Has anyone else had this happen and the pill worked for them?? Also, my s.o told me that I did look “raw” down there and told me I should put an ointment to keep myself from scratching (cause Its soo itchy) . Anything that I can try that’s over the counter? Or should I just leave it alone & let it heal? Thank you in advance!