Possible pregnancy #2?? — very confused


My husband and I were trying to prevent pregnancy for at least a few more months (my daughter will be turning 1 on Saturday). We had a slip up right around the time that I would typically ovulate in December. I had a feeling I was pregnant from the beginning.. I had symptoms I’ve only had during pregnancy. Very tender breasts and sharp abdominal pain every time I sneezed.

I started testing early, around 8 DPO (1/4) because I just had that feeling. The test was negative and also negative Saturday and Sunday. I started getting light brown spotting on Sunday so I thought AF was coming. Yesterday afternoon my breasts were extremely sore, so I decided to test again and I got a vvvvvvf line. I waited until this morning to see if it It would get any darker and to me, I didn’t see a line at all. I tested this afternoon just to confirm and the line was still vvvvf, but darker than yesterdays.

Could I be having a chemical pregnancy? Or am I still just super early?

Is it possible to have darker tests in the afternoon/evening?

Ps. The last test is actually the darkest in real life.

**update: I took this Tuesday night at 6:30pm. I guess evening is my best time??