Age difference

My boyfriend is 14 years older than me. I love him to death but lately started noticing how age difference can be an obstacle. We went on a trip together lately and we just had different energies. He stays up all night drinking and he sleeps in all day. I wake up early because I wanna go see places but he wakes up like at 3 and we don't end up doing much. He loves calm and chill places and I don't. Even at sex, he gets tired so quickly. After 5 minutes, he would be all done and I would be like really, that's it? I'm kinda of spontaneous and crazy and he gets mad when I act so. He is very firm and strict and wants to stick to a plan when I wanna go crazy. He is 37 and I'm 23.

Is this relationship worth it? I love him so much but I keep thinking of our future together and whether it will work out or not.

What do you guys think?

Sometimes I wanna leave him but I love him and I know he does too. My heart just wouldn't let me