Updated: Midwives brew! Keep scrolling if your against it ✌️


(I know the risks, I don’t need a lecture)


So today I’m 39w3d with my second baby and having some cramps so I got a stretch & sweep, and was told I’m 2-3cm but can go any day and probably won’t make it to my next appointment. So I was given the ingredients to make midwives brew but minus the verbana tea!

Anyone have success with this? I wanna hear :)

Also I’m not drinking the whole drink today, she told me half today and try again in a day or two with the rest.

Update 3:20pm

Well I’m sitting on the toilet writing this 😂 I lost my mucus plug & it was more dark red blood in it but no actual bleeding from what I seen, no contractions yet but I definitely feel the cramps 😫

Update 5:16am

Had some intense contractions starting around 4:30-5pm all the way until midnight and got to an average of 4 minutes apart but I called my midwife since I was able to talk through them so she told me to take a warm bath to see if they increased or went away, which they pretty well went away. I’m now laying here getting contractions around every 10 minutes BUT I think I can sleep through them since I only really woke up because of a bad head cold, leaving me with a stuffy nose, sore sinuses & dry phlegmy throat 😫

Update: Jan 10, 7:45am

So I drank the other half of the brew yesterday around 2 but I feel like most of the oil had separated and floated to the top the first time because it didn’t do much for me except a couple minor contractions, no where near like it was the first time. BUT I went to bed around 11:30pm and woke up at 3:30am to a contraction, fell back asleep for an hour and have been awake since with contractions averaging every 7 minutes and lower back pains. I went to the bathroom & lost another big chunk of mucus plug with old and new blood in it so I’m thinking today’s the day 🤞 still have to wait for them to become too painful to walk & talk through though 🙄