Ttc with low sperm count

For couples who were told <a href="">IVF</a> will be the best route and to skip <a href="">iui</a>. Due to insurance coverage <a href="">ivf</a> can’t happen until at least April. So we decided 3 months of clomid for me, and see if it works. The RE is not hopeful this will help, but she said she’s seen it happen. DH is going to a urologist too.

I am grateful to have <a href="">ivf</a> as an option, don’t get me wrong. But I am scared to be honest. I have been told about the toll on a relationship this can be emotionally and physically with appointments, meds, injections, not playing the blame game.

what did you both have to do in preparation for an <a href="">ivf</a>. I know egg retrieval/sperm sample part. But what else? Lay it out there. How did you deal and stay composed as a team?