Need to vent

Jess • 👼🏻

Damn idk where to post this but I’m so FED UP with this thing called ‘adulting.’ So I’m 21 (22 in July), in my last year of university (graduating in October, done school in April), living in an apartment by myself with a boyfriend my parents HATE (mostly my mother but my father follows everything she says). Thing is my parents help pay for some of my rent after basically acting like I didn’t exist for the past three years. Long story kinda short I got together with my boyfriend just before I moved out of their house at 18 (2015) to live two hours away to continue with school. Because they hated my bf so much my mother got it in her head that any money or food or basically anything I got went straight to him. I moved in with bf in January 2017 until December 2017, we got into an argument and decided at the time we needed some time apart to reflect and be without each other. Well we got back together in May 2018 and things have been a million times better between us, however in the time we were apart I needed a place to live and my parents (after three years of pretending that I didn’t exist, not answering phone calls/texts, not paying for school, not helping with rent, etc.) decided to step in and help ‘as long as I never got back together with him’ (their words) and that I pay them back every penny (even though they make more than enough money to help me without being paid back). Fast forward to today bf has been spending some time at my place with his two dogs (I also have two dogs). Yesterday my landlord came to my room and kicked him and his dogs out (which is not allowed where I live). She was persistent on him and his dogs leaving and to have them not come back. I’ve had many problems with this landlord including her stalking me (watching when I leave and come back, monitoring who comes to my apartment and when, who is staying the night at my place, I have even witnessed her taking pictures of me walking my dogs and confronted her), parking issues, issues with her not telling her boss (owner of the company) the whole story just to make me look bad, accusing me of stealing other people’s property and she even went as far as saying I damaged someone else’s property while I wasn’t even home! I guess I just want some support on whether I’m making the right choice to move in with bf again so my parents don’t have anything over me and so I don’t have to deal with crazy landlords anymore. Is terminating the toxic relationship with my mother worth it? She’s one of those mothers that ‘is always right even when she’s wrong, has mental health issues that she refuses to address and has manipulated my father into hating and not talking to his own family over her own insecurity. Please someone tell me I’m not the only one in this kind of situation