My crush

So there’s this guy I really like he makes me all jittery and I non stop think about him I think I’m really falling for him... but I don’t want to fall too hard especially because he’s just a crush right now, I met him recently at a party and we’ve been texting back and fourth everyday since then and I kinda feel like he likes me back but I’m not completely sure he usually reply’s back pretty fast it’s not often that he’ll wait hours to reply to me but when he does I just assume he’s busy and continue what ever I’m doing and when he responds I don’t really feel the need to question him about it because I mean I’m not his girlfriend or his mom.... so last night I got a little bold and asked him “what are your intentions” because usually if a guy “likes me” they would have been asked for pictures or said something sexual etc so I didn’t really know what to think except that maybe he only wanted to be friends and I thought this because no guy I’ve talked to thats ‘liked me’ has gone this long with out saying something sexual or anything referring to sex.. maybe it’s because I’ve just run into a lot of piece of shit guys that only want my body. but when he responded he said “what do you mean? Like my intentions with you?” And I said yeah I guess and he responded saying “it depends on what vibe you give me” and now I don’t know what to do I didn’t ask for him to explain what he meant by what vibe I give him. I don’t know what he could mean and I don’t want to bring it back up to him...any ideas or advice?? Please