Help me fix this...


So Thursday at work me and a coworker were talking about how if other people at work had tinders and what there bios and stuff say. I had an account from years ago so we logged on just to see. Complete innocent. While in the app my pictures were completely outdated and to be honest made me insecure so I updated them for the mere fact of I figured if this profile was out there then I wanted to feel good about myself. When were were done being nosey I deleted the app completely and forgot about it until my boyfriend sent me a screen shot of my profile Friday night.

I guess when he was at his cousins house his cousins was showing him his tinder and my profile popped up.

I explained to him what happened but he’s no believing it for a second. After he brought it up I googled how to delete the account because I wasn’t sure if it was even possible. Turns out it is and I sent him a screen recording of me deleting the app within 30 minutes of him confronting me.

Told me he hopes it was worth it and had barely talked to me since.

He still doesn’t believe me and I don’t know what to do. He’s an amazing person and it’s killing me that he thinks I hurt him in that way when it was just me being nosey and insecure. If you made it this far thank you 💜