15 & (Possibly?!) Pregnancy update :(

Josie • 15 Years Old🦋

This is an update of everything that has been happening (check my feed if you would like to know what has happened recently). Like I said in my other posts a few weeks ago, my boyfriend didn’t use a condom whilst we had sex,and I’m unable to get ahold of a pregnancy test until my mother is able to give me pocket money which happens at the end of each month, and I hate asking her for extra money. Since the incident about 3 weeks ago, I have been experiencing severe lower back pains, nausea throughout the day especially, headaches along with dizziness, lower stomach aches (worse than my period cramps for sure), feeling tired throughout the day, a lot more discharge than I would get before/ after my period and for some reason I’m eating ALOT more, I could finish a meal and 15 minutes later feel like I haven’t eaten anything. Until I’m able to buy a pregnancy test, is there a chance that these symptoms COULD be linked to pregnancy? I have also been getting this intense throbbing feeling in my vagina, which I have never had before. Is this normal??