Advanced maternal age 😒and induction

Grace • Cameron Benjamin is finally here!!!💙💙🤰 If you use my fertility struggle as an insult, you're the ultimate CUNT😉

Is anyone else dealing with being old (psst, I'm 36) and your Dr saying they don't want you going past your due date? I'm due in the 30th and the nurse just called and wanted to schedule induction as early as the 23rd. I said absolutely not. My son was born exactly 6 yrs ago next week, he came on time with no complications, so am I crazy for not wanting to rush and shave off a week and deliver at 39 weeks? Any of you ladies "old" and being induced for only that reason?

*** Thank you ladies! I told them that if they wanted to schedule me ON my due date, that would be fine, but not a day earlier. I am healthy, my son is healthy and I see no reason to force my kiddo out 7 days early, even tho I'm old😂