Boyfriend using Chaturbate 🤬

So I posted earlier when I had just found out and I was pretty much too angry to make proper sense.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I went on to our shared iPad and my boyfriend had googled, 'how to clear history on PS4'. I asked him why and he said cause he wanted to sell it. At the time I knew this was utter bullshit but I left it.

Today I looked and I found he's being using Chaturbate. I was fuming. Normal porn is fine, whatever. But chatting with women online is not ok, is it? I know he's going to try and wriggle his way out of it.

The whole thought of it is making me sick, especially as he must be doing it once I've gone to bed. Also I literally beg him to come to bed every night because I want us to have sex, but he never seems interested. Now I understand why.

I am dreading going home and facing him tonight, and now I can think more rationally, I just wanted some of your opinions on how best to deal with this. Am I making too big of a deal? People can't allow this in relationships surely? It's no different to one on one sexting? In fact it's worse surely? Oh my God my head is a mess!