He asked me out then suddenly blocked me so I

Finally got my crush’s number, we’ve know each other nearly 5 years but we weren’t friends as such. I’ve had a crush on him ever since I first saw him. Well he rang and we were chatting Saturday night. He wants to meet up on weds coz we are both off work. I’m so excited. He’s texting me on Sunday. He’s so funny and sweet. His favourite is pizza and so is mine. We like the same TV shows. We are getting on amazingly well. I’ve been single a couple of years and I’m so happy.

Then yesterday just after 4pm when he finished work he just suddenly blocks me on everything, I have no idea why, I didn’t try to ask him. There’s no point. All my friends don’t know what to say and are annoyed but they don’t know him that well themselves so can’t really ask him. I’m really confused and hurt. I just don’t get it

So what do I do? I eat some chocolate (ok I ate all the chocolate) I put Beyoncé on loud and I dye my blonde hair silver. It’s ok, I’ll be fine. He’s just another guy I like who doesn’t like me back. Its ok. Some people are meant to be single. My friends message me worried and I’m like

This morning I get up and get on with things as per, I have to attend a recruitment day for a new hotel and it didn’t go how I expected, I’m tired as I didn’t sleep well thanks to him causing my anxiety to flare up again and I haven’t ate much.

My phone pings at 5pm. It’s a text from him. My heartbeats, shit what do I do?! He asks if we are still on for Wednesday. I’m Like wtaf you blocked me yesterday. Wtaf is that about? Why’d you do that? He’s replying I see the dots

He’s obviously typing a novel or something as it’s taking a while and the dots are still going so after 5 mins I just...

Fuck him, yes he might be the most beautiful man I’ve ever laid eyes on but I’m so done. I’m in my 30s I haven’t got time for this kinda immature shit

Fin... x


So he rang me off an unknown number this afternoon, I answered thinking it was my mother who said she would call. He was asking if we were still meeting up tonight like nothing happened. I asked him why he blocked me and if he is seeing someone else. He doesn’t have a girlfriend. Bizarrely he thought I’d be more into him if he blocked me, he claims that he was playing hard to get. I was raging but somehow calmly told him I had made other plans now, since i assumed the blocking meant he wasn’t interested and hung up. He then text me a basic apology off his friend Darrens number and I blocked his number too.