What would u do if u you've been married for 9 years but have not had sex in 5 years and u want ur 1st baby& he has kids but wont talk2 u about why he wont have sex with u

Brittnie • Been married since "5/9/06" and have been trying to conceive and expand our family but sadly we`ve had no luck he has kids of his own but hopefully one day ill be a mother *GOD IS GOD*
I just need a little advice I got married when I was 18 we've been together for 9 years he is a really good guy and takes really good care of me, works hard& he has never cheated on me he is 15 years older then me and has a ex wife with 3 kids with her and 2 other kids before her so he does have 5 kids but he has always said every woman deserves to be a mother I do have a hard time getting pregnant cause I do not ovulate on my own so I have had surgery to see if I would ever be able to get pregnant and the surgery went great and I was told I just have to take medication to force my body to ovulate so I did everything I had to do surgery and taking medication he was so supportive and excited to find out that we would be able to have a baby of our own one day but when it actually came down to having sex it never would happen he was always to busy or to tired and always falls asleep in the front room and now 5 years has passed since we've slept in bed together to even just cuddle or hold each other or have sex and now its been 5 years since we have had sex so I just wanted to ask everyone else's advice on what would you do if you did not have any kids and want to be a mommy so bad and have done so much to your body to get pregnant but your husband won't touch you but we still love each other so much and have a really strong marriage and I love his kids so much as well but its not the same as having your own baby and having that special bond while you feel that baby grow inside of you I'm so confused we've tried counseling and everything SO PLEASE WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU WHERE GOING THREW THE SAME THING

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