I am stuck in hell. And I don't know how to get out. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to get out or not.. My husband has turned my life into a living nightmare. No, he doesn't hurt me, physically. But the emotional damage done in this less than a year of marriage is unthinkable. Of course I knew it wouldn't be all bliss. But I figured we could make compromises and do what we both want. But every single thing is 100 and 10% HIS way. Also, if he wants to yell at me its ok. If he wants to swear and threaten me, that's ok. But the first time I slightly raise my little voice or bring up one little thing I want him to work on, I am the devil. Also, he never tells me where he is. Or he simply chooses his old bad influence pals over me, every time . I couldn't tell you the last time we were both home together for a home cooked meal. And that kills me. And here we go move, and he's already got a nighttime job again, after telling me to yes go for the daytime job, after saying that opposite job schedules is what killed his last relationship. He drinks way to much. He's rude as hell to me, and doesn't even hide it. I ask what I can do to help him with his project today and he says uh nothing. So after cleaning the house thoroughly, I sit down for literally 2 minutes and he's yelling at me and slamming doors cause 'I ain't helping'!!! Can you believe it!!! I just asked you you ass!!! And what did you say??!!! You said there was effing nothing for me to do!!!!!!! I know I overreact sometimes but im sick of being lied to, sworn at, pushed around, uncared for, let down, and unloved. I can't divorce him tho. Help