Has anyone else ever felt like me?


Depressed, always wanting to cry, wishing you could just pack up and disappear and don't tell anyone. I love my daughter's father with every fiber in me but I don't feel like I'm all alone. We've had sex all of twice in the past two months despite my advances.

He says he loves me but I don't believe because I don't feel it. I have someone else who thinks she's in love with me (yes I said she)and she wants to get married and show me the life of love that I deserve. I love her but not like that and it maybe because of my feelings for my daughter's father. Idk!

I got a job offer over in Germany and I've decided that I'm going to take it. My daughter's father isn't willing to relocate with us but the female is. I just don't know what to do about anything anymore. I just want to be a wife as well as a mother and have a fully happy family.

One dilemma I have is we did dtd during ovulation time and now I'm 4 days late.

I've had faint test over the past few days but they aren't getting any darker. Part of me wants it to be real but the emotional side of me doesn't. I really feel like I'm being torn apart and don't have anyone who truly cares to listen.