Rant about my mil:

This is a rant. It's about my mother in law in particular.
Today is my due date. I was late with my other two, so this is my 3rd pregnancy.
I'm not even joking when I say that my mil has called every two hours to see if I'm having contractions or if we are on our way to the hospital. Every two hours. And if I don't answer (Because you know, I don't have 2 other kids to care for), she calls my husband repeatedly until he answers. 
We just finished eating dinner, where our cell phones stay out of our hands. She called during that time. And because she called both of us repeatedly for five minutes, she assumed we were on our way to the hospital..... And called EVERYONE to tell them we were going to the hospital.
Wonderful, right?! 
So when we finish dinner, my husband and I check our phones, which have been going off the hook for the last 15 minutes.... And it's aunts and grandparents and cousins and anyone else who's come in contact with my mil (and now grandmas), asking us which hospital we are in and if we had the baby and his stats and what our room number is, because they're on their way to the hospital.....
Ugh! Ugh ugh ugh!  So after a mass text and 100 phone calls, my mil has the nerve to say "well if you just answered your phone the first time I called".... Are you kidding me?!