Losing again, A little story here.

I had what i believed a tubal pregnancy back in January & had a traumatic loss at home with that one. Today Im 9 weeks pregnant, and have had 4 ultrasounds the past month. Today was a final confirmation that there is no baby, no fetal pole or yoke found. It has been noticed since the first ultrasound on aug 9th. It was measured a week behind, today its more behind at 6w4d. I have all the pregnancy symptoms that were making me miserable. 2 weeks ago i had a much smaller cyst, today its the size of a plum in my left ovary. Got my d&c surgery appointment made for tomorrow early am. Im sad this was not able to grow, yet i have been mentally prepared and numb when i first learned the sac was empty. I had my hopes for while and the whole month waiting game to see a heartbeat was horribe. Im hoping after my first d&c, i will be able to concieve a healthy living jellybean. After the procedure is over, I was told the cyst will start to drain itself, then go back to the office and get some bloodwork done on why I was had 2 miscarriages. The midwife said it could be my age. Im only 34. I have 3 living children, 14,9,7 and all girls. No birth control for over 12 years. I dont do drugs. Finally concieved Jan 2015 after 7 years. Im praying theres hope for one more chance. If not then, we are content with our girls. I also was told today that I was the 2nd person she saw today with a empty sac. My heart breaks for the other lady.