Im so frustrated with my husband!

A marriage is nothing without trust, and whatever stupid reason my husband cannot stop lying to me. They are the most stupid things to lie about and they upset me to the point of devastation.

I texted him to call me so i could tell him what to make for dinner, and asked him to go to the fridge and see if there were directions on the package. He says okay, "hold on a sec, oh here it is, put in oven at 450 for 1 hr" then i hear a car in the background telling me hes not on my kitchen. I ask him where he is and he tells me he was at the gas station and is on his way home. So why lie to me!? If that's true why not say oh i am at the gas station let me call you back!?! Which makes me think there is something else he is hiding.

I dont know what to do, i dont think he would be cheating on me, but i dont really understand why the lies!

Am i overreacting? How would you handle this??