Should I be insulted?


Ok long story short, my boyfriend was with a girl who cheated on him, gave him STDs, abused him , Yada Yada yada. Ok so he is thinking about getting*seriously serious* with me. We already live together and are trying for a Womb Invader (why I'm on here). He is thinking about doing the whole *one knee thing*

Now he had his ring that he was going to use for his ex. His mom wants him to use it on me... Um.

His family doesn't know about the cheating or STDs. He doesn't want them to.

He just wants to trade it in for something of the same value or more. *kays is great*

His mom doesn't want him to go to that trouble. There is a ton of paperwork but idgaf lol.

I will not take a ring that was supposed to be for her.

Am I in the wrong?

On a side note.....

How long after you started dating did you guys get engaged??? I have a feeling he is going to pop the question on valentine's day.