Stay at Home Moms--

I am a stay at home mom of a 3 year old, and am due in about two weeks with our second child. My husband has a very good job, working for his family's business, and we live comfortably at worst. We decided together that I would stay home with our son, and my husband brags regularly to others about how smart and well behaved our son is, and praises me as a mother. 
However, at home, he can be very masochistic and I often am made to feel less than him because he provides for us. I keep our home in beautiful condition and I take care of our son. I actually fell down the stairs last night and he didn't help pick up any of the slack for me-- I still have our son a bath, brushed his teeth and hair, got him ready for bed while my husband indulged in a beer and some TV.
I just tried to bring up to him how I am kind of nervous about the new baby being here, and how I wish he saw my role as as much of a job as his is-- meaning that it's not very fair that I don't get a break from my job as a wife, mother and housekeeper- it's not fair that he gets to come home and just lay around.
It makes me almost upset enough that I'd like to get a job once the new baby is old enough, just so that I'm contributing financially too. But at the same time I am fairly certain that even if I did so, it would still be my responsibility to keep house and care for our children.
Are there any other stay at home moms out there that feel the way I do?