So nervous and anxious

Bekah • Wife... And blessed mommy of 3 amazing kids... Due DEC 23rd with #4

I am 10dpo right now... At 6dpo i was getting light cramping and since then i have been exhausted... Went and saw my ob gyn on Tuesday. He thinks i might have conceived this month.. Well he's hopeful..( I'm not gonna lie so am I) He sent me in today for blood work, but i wont get results until at least Monday. I am praying this is my month... I wanna test before Monday but am scared it will be negative... I don't wanna see another negative. I just feel different this cycle... AF is due Sunday... Praying it doesn't show and my doc has good news for me.

There is no question or advice needed... Maybe a little support from the ladies who share the same feelings...