Big problem please help!!

So my little girl turned 3 weeks this past Tuesday (August 25th) on August 23rd I was admitted into the hospital very ill with an extremely infected gallbladder (almost septic) and a blockage from a stone and pancreatitis. My hubby stayed home with the baby and other 2 kids and he fed the baby the very little milk I had pumped. And then started her on formula. She had been exclusively breastfed up to this point. Well my doctors told me I had to pump and dumb until the infection was gone and I was off all medicine. Well the hospital wouldn't let me eat or drink a thing for 5 days because of the threat of surgery so my milk completely dried up. My breasts don't even leak anymore. Is there any way of coming back from this? If I start nursing and pumping again when everything bad for baby is out of my system will my milk come back in??? Thank you in advance for your help!