My bf always get off. Rather I come on to him or vice versa. I don't like the fact that he actually gives me excuses on why he busted fast. (My pussy too good, he's dick was sensitive, he was already horny etc) he tries to make up for it but he lasts when he wants too. He told me I need to get straight to it. I've tried and sometimes it still takes me a min. He wants to me to bust as much as he do but rather in the mood or not it's not easy. He is affectionate but not for every session we have. He said he's traumatized by coming on to me bc I have told him no a lot of times and didn't have sex with him. We were going through a lot and to me he wasn't worth pleasing when I'm still upset. Why give him a good time when he's not on his job? Just the other night I pleased him very well and he couldn't last. I told him about himself a day later while he was telling me he was horny. Told me again he wanted to have sex with me. I teased him with photos. He came over lastnight and went to sleep. This morning he woke me up to kissing my forehead and placing my hand on his penis. I pulled back and eventually he left. He called that coming on to me. Was I wrong even though he wanted me to start things off again? Shouldn't he be pleasing me?