I give you way too much credit


Yesterday was my birthday. Yes, you said Happy Birthday to me in the morning after my mother called to wish me a Happy Birthday. I know it was after because my mother is the type of woman that can read me by the sound of my voice. .. I KNOW she sent you a text after she got off the phone with me to remind you it was my birthday.

I dont expect a lot from you. I love you, despite your many faults, because live to me is unconditional.

You KNEW this birthday was a difficult one for me due to this is the first time, in my entire life, my age has actually bothered me and made me think about our future and how I am getting older.

I dont expect you to go all out for my birthday like I do yours. I dont expect you to wine and dine me. I dont expect flowers although they would have been really nice.

What I DO expect is for you to remember it on your damn own. What I DO expect is thag you would be a little more affectionate towards me... maybe, I dont know, give me a hug and a kiss when I get home from work and ask me how my birthday has been.

How hard is it to go to the grocery store, pick out a generic $.99 card, sign it, and give it to me. Im not even asking you to take the time to find a nice card... any card would have done. HELL... you could have made one from construction paper for all I care.. it would have been nice for you to at least acknowledge it. The guys you work with got me a card, came to the front door and wished me a happy birthday... The Guys You Work With.

I know I should not be surprised... I know who you are... but I was kind of hoping, after all these years we have been together, that maybe this year would be different...

I still hold out hope for you... as I do every year, for the next year. Hopefully you will understand that it is not about gifts, it is about showing that you care for how big I take something so small as affection.

I will continue to be me... I will continue to make a big deal about your birthday and budget it months in advance like I have always done. I will continue to, even though you are a grown ass man, get you a stocking full of small things for Christmas <a href="https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.glow.android.eve">Eve</a> because thats what your mama usd to do. I will continue to love you despite my disappointment at the small things I want that you are oblivious to.. why you ask.... because I love you and I cant stop myself...

Till Death... Better or Worse... Sickness or Health... Till Death