People think I am just complaining.

Most of you mothers know that being tired, getting sick, cranky, and having to use the bathroom a lot are all signs of pregnancy. We shouldn't be lifting anything heavy either. Well I'm having co-workers talk about me complaining that I was sick and had to keep going to bathroom, roll their eyes if I ask them to pick things up for me, my boss saying you are going to have a bad labour if you don't do anything just because I told her I shouldn't be carrying around a big box of bananas. I don't even mind doing things, I am not lazy what so ever but I just want to what's best for my baby. I can't find another job right now cause who is gonna wanna hire a pregnant women? Then I have my boyfriend that just thinks I am over dramatic cause I'm cranky, and he thinks I am using being pregnant as an excuse of being tired. I wish people around me would understand what I am going through. Don't they realize that I never used to be like this before my pregnancy. I'm really getting tired of people just thinking I'm complaining for no reason. Does anyone else feel this way?