Parents divorcing after 37 years

Jennifer • 37yo Married mama of three little boys 10,8, and 2! Trying for our #4 caboose to the family.
Anyone else ever go through their parents divorcing in their adult lives? My dad suddenly has a new g/f and is walking away from my mom after 37 years of marriage. He refuses to do counseling and hasn't even contacted me since my mom told me. We had a very close relationship and now I'm so angry with him I don't want to see him or speak to him ever again. How could he walk out without even trying. Not to mention he has ruined his relationship with his daughter and his only grandchildren. I don't want him around my boys if he thinks it's ok to walk away from us for a whore he works with. I'm devastated. Anyone else experience this? I don't know how to cope. I know I should forgive him but I just don't want to.