Internet censorship


How do you feel about Internet censorship on a mass scale, like country or state wide? Is it helpful or protective, or is it hindering the people and government from progression?


Just an example: YouTube.

-The Great Firewall of China: where China blocks any site seen as "counter revolutionary". Youtube qualifies. Many countries ban this site for some reason to that accord.

Meanwhile, you have partial restriction like in Islam. Where you can use it while being monitored by authorities. So many of the videos aren't viewed, to say the least.

Then you have extreme cases like North Korea, where they made their own internet. To top that off, the even use their own operating systems *just to make sure*.

Then**, you have countries that ban particular sites like this over one video for a particular amount of time or permanently, like Turkey, Sudan, or Pakistan. The "bad videos" usually pertain to something political or morality.