Feeling grateful for today

Marissa • Follow my IG: Laselcamille
I had a missed miscarriage in June. Saw my babies heartbeat June 1st, and it was gone by June 11th. I was 10 weeks, I had my d&c July 1st when my body didn't naturally miscarry. And then here I am, two months later with my first regular cycle. It has been a long three months, but I'm feeling grateful for today. I'm grateful that my body is finally healed, grateful for the peace it's bringing me, and grateful to be able to start TTC again very soon. 
I wanted to make this post because I know how it feels to wake up everyday and feel as if you're stuck in a perpetual nightmare, like at any moment you'll wake up and none of the horrors you've experienced will be real because how could they? How is it that we can live through such tragedies, feel such pain, our little babies gone from us.
I know how unfair it feels. How suffocating, but it will and it does get better. We will have our angel babies! Each day brings you closer to that reality. Please stay strong