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Okay so everyone knows 14 days after your first day of last period is when you are most fertile so I'll use mine.

I got my period on the 4TH through the 9TH so calendar month august CD17 would b my main ovulation day meaning its the 14DAY from the start of my PERIOD... Now when I had a positive LH surge i enter it in as positive n CD14 glow changed my ovulation days ovulation highest day CD14.... But my whole ovulation time glow put for me was CD10 because my period stopped on the 9th then till the CD16 that's when my ovulation stopped according to glow so I followed it.

So if anyone understood that please god I hope someone did but so how was it saying my ovulation day was on the 14TH just becuz i said it and recorded it that way? I'm going to be pissed if i missed my 14 day ovulation day which would of been the 17th so I BD up to the CD16 n even tho they say sperm can last as long to 5 days well I only count on one day at the most lol ha

so according to glow I get my period tomorrow but no symptoms and looked like I had 3 positives and 6 negatives not even a faint line but I did have 3 that had good solid colored thin lines n I track basal n its rising up and I tracked it all everything it said but

OKAY now for the experts out there do u think putting in your LH surge messes up glow predicting the ovulation day and your period pretty much everything or is it just trying to get everything everyone's cycles controlled and the changes r good n trying to make your cycle as close to perfect as can b idk I'm confused about this part someone out there I hope you read all this n I get some insite becezusei don't want to keep BD on the off peak days like really idk I can't take pic of my calendar cuz I cant take a screen shot on my phone... Basically I feel like glow F* me at my ovulation time ugh