Mixed Family

Our family is mixed. I have two kids, with two fathers and we all live with their step dad. I also frequently have my niece and nephew has my brother and his wife are divorced. My oldest daughters dad has a girlfriend and one year old baby. We all can get together, laugh, talk, play with the kids and treat each other respectfully and with love. (Literally all of us. I just left my mom's house where my ex, his girlfriend, my hubs, my brother and his ex wife and her boyfriend and all five kids all happened to be in the same place and it was fun and laughter filled!)
My youngest daughters father is a complete flake, never shows up to take her, never pays child support, and says that the way our family works is "just wrong and unnatural". He is always threatening to call CPS because of the unhealthy environment we are creating.
Now, I feel like we are setting a good example of what forgiveness and family mean. It's not traditional or what we set out to create but we made the best of a lot of poor choices to get here.  I am just curious if there are other families like ours or if we are truly "weird". Also, I think my youngest daughter's father is way out of line and am curious if others agree with him.