Can’t hold AB’s down - kidney infection 😭


I finally saw my GP for my UTI which has been festering for a fortnight (I have been struggling with my mental health and couldn’t be bothered seeing my GP).

Well I did today, and she prescribed me AB’s for a UTI & mild kidney infection. Only problem, I can’t even keep down the antibiotics. Not only do they make me feel so damn sick, I already was vomiting from the infection and the weather is so bloody hot that on top of having a low-grade fever, I’m sweating like there’s no tomorrow. But my skin is so cold to the touch?

I’m so, so severely lightheaded I honestly feel like I’m just going to pass out any moment. (Not exaggerating, I’ve been stumbling around my home because I can barely hold my head upright).

I can’t even hold down water 😥

Any advice?