I think i have officially lost my mind


So here i am cycle day 74 safe to say i definitely skipped my last period and i am assuming i didnt ovulate on 27th november dispite positive opk and bbt spike but i have had constant high bbt since then and been getting positive opks then they go faint again for a few days then positive again so im assuming that my body keep trying to ovulate till finally it happens and as i only have one ovary this isnt un common for me. Any way here i am 3 days until my next period should be due and i decided to do a clear blue 6 days sooner test and i swear down there is a line it is faint and doesnt show up very good on the camera but even though it is faint it is noticeable to the naked eye no need to squint otlr hold it in different angles under the light can see it from every angle even in poor lighting and it showed up within the 3 min mark.

Dont know if its jist me going crazy cos ive been testing so much lately and just seeing what i want to see or if it worth going back to the pharmacy to get another one in so ive got it ready to take in 2 to 3 days when im closer to due date to see if it shows up any darker. Advice ladies xx