So I found out I was pregnant on New Years, according to my last period I am about to be 7 weeks, but my hcg was 526, 5 days ago and they’re wanting to test my blood today. They’re thinking I’m not that far along. And wanting to test my progesterone. Well 2 days ago I had sex and had slight bleeding. Last night I wiped and had a little bit of blood. I’ve been super stressed and dealing with a lot but doing everything I can to stay relaxed. When I had my first miscarriage I had such bad cramps and my boobs hurt so bad. This morning I woke up and wasn’t bleeding. Had sex and started bleeding again. No clots, no cramps, no nothing. Currently I’m still getting super nauseous. Super tired, just like normal. My boobs aren’t hurting as bad as they were which I was like hmm? But should I be worried ? I go to get my blood tested soon. I’m just scared

Update. I started bleeding more but my hcg is going up very slowly. Just passed this huge clot. Sorry for the nasty pic but need help. Can’t fight what’s going on now