I hope this is not something else πŸ˜”


Hello everyone! First time poster...long time lurker. I’m 41. Last week something told me to take a pregnancy test. Which I did. The result? A faint line. But I took it a few days before my expected period. So a day later I go get a blood test. That one also came back positive. My hcg levels were at 389. I am just worried a bit that this might be due to an onset of pre menopause or if indeed it’s pregnancy. I don’t really have much pregnancy symptoms...maybe some slight nausea and fatigue. My breasts do not hurt but do itch.

I am going later to get a blood draw from my obgyn as well as my progesterone levels.

Note: I did conceive back in August but unfortunately I lost my peanut in September. So I’m very nervous about this.