To the woman who feels hopeless as myself

I recently received multiple positive first response and digital pregnancy test ,I was completely over the moon and even told some of my close friends and even a few family members .

The next day I called to schedule an appointment for my first prenatal visit ,my husband and I have been trying for 3 years so I was ecstatic to say the less .

Next day I started spoting than it turned into bleeding so I went to the doctor ,they ran test on me ,Did a urine blood and ultrasound to tell me that I wasn't pregnant and that my test (all 7 of them ) were false positives , i was so angry and confused why my body would play such an awful trick on me ,not only do I feel stupid but now I had to to everyone I told that i was pregnant that im not .. Yesterday I took a test just because and it was a negative ,no second pink line just one this time . I'm not going to give up but i think I'll give myself a break from testing and trying and just enjoy the time I can spend with my son (who we spent years to conceive) sometimes things just happen that we can't control and it's best to take it one day at a time :)