Please read the description 😔


Alright, feeling weird the last two days so I tested yesterday with this test and got the faintest line that I couldn’t tell if it was an indent. I used the second test in the box with only a two hour hold to see if an indent or evap would show- stark white. Then this morning with FMU I used the 3rd test in the pack.

I have no idea how many DPO, I’m only 4 months pp and I wasn’t even paying attention to my cycles (stupid, I know). It should still be pretty early to test but the line seems just a little more noticeable than yesterday? I couldn’t tell if it had color yesterday but this line definitely does.


Ugh, I can’t believe this. I’m going to be in denial until a digital shows positive or until AF shows. This is crazy. I had such a rough pregnancy, the thought of doing it again especially this soon is making me crazy. 😩

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