Felt 1st baby move sooner than 2nd? Trigger warning)

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So, with my first pregnancy, I felt flutters around 13 weeks. At 16 weeks, I was feeling distinct movement, and by 19 weeks my husband could feel it on the outside. Now, 2 years later, I’m 16 weeks pregnant with #2 and I have felt absolutely nothing. My last appointment was December 12th and I don’t have another one until January 21st. 6 weeks apart. I have never known an OB’s office to schedule appointments that far apart, and now I’m getting worried. My husband keeps saying it’s because I had a c-section with our first, and that could cause me to be numb (like I am on the outside) and not feel as much movement as I did with our first. I guess that’s possible.

**Trigger:** I guess I’m just scared because a girl I know just posted on Facebook that her OB appointments were more than 5 weeks apart. When she went in for her 12 week ultrasound, everything was normal. When she went back 5 weeks later, her baby had passed away for some time, and they were just finding out. I’m so afraid this will happen.

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