Julielly • I am 22 turning 23 on Nov I am expecting my first child, baby Alexander that I'll meet in Feb 2016 with the love of my life.

Hey. My name is julie. I am 22 years old. I am 15 weeks and 1 day pregnant and I am dealing with depression. I don't know exactly when I began to start feeling the way I do. But my doctor prescribed me medication yesterday at my appointment. My bf who I thought was going to be supportive, has not even attempted to speak or ask me how i feel about being prescribed this medication. Unfortunately, his younger brother was at the appointment too and heard what the doctor said. I feel so embarrassed and all that my bf and his brother say is "yea you really do need them pills. You've been acting up all crazy lately for no reason.." How can I feel better if I feel alone in this. He gets home from work and doesn't pay attention to me. I feel as if I'm a bother. We are currently trying to save up to move because we live with his family and I am far from my family. All I do is feel empty and alone. And I don't want to make my baby feel this way. I don't want to take medication. My siblings and my bfs grandmother tells me not to but he insists on me taking them. I feel that I don't need those meds. I just want him to be understanding and supportive. Is that too much to ask? As I write this I can't help but cry because it's hard not to...

Sorry I just needed to vent.