Can anyone who has been in the same situation provide any reassurance or advice please?

I have a 6week old and I am ebf. Hubby is back to work after pat leave. I do all the night wakes even when I express and he's only settled baby maybe 3 times max during the night. When he gets in from work he doesn't take the baby from me. I still have to fit in all the housework while he is at work so it's not like I'm sitting around doing nothing. Weekends are the same even though hubby doesn't work on the weekends. I don't have family near me so I feel quite unsupported. Am I expecting too much? How do I get hubby to help more? Or am I being unreasonable.


Thank you ladies for the advice and reassurance. Whilst it's not nice, I'm glad I'm not alone in feeling this way. Not nice to know so many others feeling overwhelmed. I've spoken to hubby and I now just give him the baby rather then asking him to take the baby. Also agreed that I'll go out on the weekends for an hour or so to give them time to bond alone which he's happy with.