“Implantation Bleeding” TRICKED ME


Does anyone else get MAD?! Like I know it’s a silly and non useful feeling to have and doesn’t help.... but I just can’t help it 🤬

Temp dropped 0.5 this morning (below cover) and pink CM now.... I have been notorious for making up “symptoms” in my head during the TWW.... but I actually had brown spotting that I SWORE was IB on 6 DPO... now 10 Dpo and temp drop combined with pink CM during CM check. Like WTF!!!!!!!!!

I am SO EMOTIONALLY MAD, SAD, ANGRY, and every other dramatic verb I can think of. I seriously thought this was my month. I really did. We did everything right. Nature can be so mean. When will it be OUR TURN?

The one month I get a more promising sign and poof, taken away by prominent signs of AF. That bitch.

I needed this vent, I also need a punching bag. And to scream. This TCC does a number to our souls i swear.

Anyone else get mad like this? I feel insane.

ok. Vent over. Time for tampons and praying for next month. May the next TWW be easier on my soul, for this one really took it out of me.