Pissed off about my doctor

I'm 22 weeks pregnant and I just feel like my doctor is so nonchalant and blows everything off. I feel like she doesn't hear my concerns or doesn't care about my questions. I know my body and when something is up and anytime I tell her about something she says it's nothing to be concerned about. I was concerned about some discharge and she never gave me a swab and said "bv is of no concern to pregnant women" even though I've read otherwise. My mom just tells me how she went to Harvard Med and she's delivered thousands of babies and know what she's doing. Also, the last few days I've been having extremely cloudy urine so she said I could come in for a culture if I want. Well she calls me a couple of hours ago saying it was negative and to drink more water, even though I told her I stay very hydrated. I have an online chart where all my results go and it updated to say "mixed urethral flora." That doesn't sound negative to me! I've had cultures before that have said "no growth." I don't even know what to think or do. I feel obligated to her because I'm more than halfway and because she delivered my sister. Am I overreacting?