Ok soo I’ve been talking to this one guy for a few months now and he seems to like me but he’s REALLY bad at texting. His excuse is that he’s always working or sleeping cause of work and that he doesn’t have time to be on his phone all day. When I let him know my concerns he’s always like “do u want a man that’s always on his phone texting cause that’s not me, blah blah u just gotta be patient, I’m trying to get my money.” I don’t understand tho because for one of his jobs he literally gets to play video games all day or whatever the hell he wants to do as long as he’s in that building. I’ve gone to his workplace twice and we’ve smoked weed there and his ass smokes there all the time.

Fast forward to now. Recently I just got back from a long trip and tho texting wasn’t everyday (which it doesn’t have to be) and pretty inconsistent, he would still text me, telling me how much he misses me and how he can’t wait to hold me. All that. Now that I’m back texting hasn’t been the best. I literally had to tell his ass 2 days ago that he needs to start calling me more when he misses me/thinking of me and I would do the same and that night that I sent him that, he FaceTimed me but now I’m thinking it was probably to shut me up. 2 more days have passed and he hasn’t responded to a text a sent him. I feel like I keep having to repeat myself with him when he does this to me. I would go off on him but I’ve learned that going that route with him isn’t smart. He gets defensive saying how I need to be patient and all that shit and plus the last time I went off, he was complaining how I be going off on him and that it’s never to see how he’s doing cause that night we were supposed to go out but his cousin got shot in the hand (he’s still alive and well) but he ghosted me and I had to text my crush about it. I truly believe that if u really care about someone that u would make time to at least send them a simple text, knowing fully well that would mean something to them. No one is that busy to not be on their phone I mean it’s 2019, everyone always has their phone on them, looking at it from time to time, there’s no excuse.

Keep in mind we’re supposed to make plans to see each other soon so should I wait when I see him to tell him how I feel and that I don’t want to continue this? Idk what to do. I told myself that 2019 will be the year that I won’t let anyone control my feelings and that I won’t put up with any BS. HELP!

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