A long time coming.

Kayli • "More tequila. More love. More anything. More is better."

So I’m going to tell some of my story.

I am 26.

I used to be overweight and I lost over 50lbs.

I grew up as a Pentecostal Christian.

Once I hit the age of 20 I met a guy that I was with for 2 and half years and we broke up and have been broken up for 2 years now. Didn’t end in a bad way he’s still like my best friend.

Anyway when she met him my mother instantly hated him because she said he changed me from the skirt wearing no makeup girl I was before.

It honestly had nothing to do with him on why I changed.

He might have brung out the fact that I wasn’t happy with myself doing what I was told to do.

My mother started treating me very poorly and now I do not speak to her at all.

We have other things that have gone on with my dad as well that has caused issues between us too.

Anyway honestly since I stopped talking to her I’ve started to gain some self confidence.

After 25 years of being controlled I’m so happy to finally be able to wear what I want and be who makes me happy.